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Domain Name Services

Securing your brand online

Domain Name Services

Sayadi Law. Intelligent IP

Our domain name LAW services include

Domain name selection and registration

Our domain law experts can source the best and most effective name for your website, and help you to register it fast.

Domain name acquisition and dispute resolution

We can help you through the process of purchasing domain names from current owners, or resolving domain name disputes where necessary.

Domain name portfolio management

Domain name monitoring and tracking services, backed by powerful and accurate data to ensure that your portfolio stays up to date and effective at all times. Protection and maintenance for your domain name portfolio, all year round.

Global registration

Take your brand to the international level with a global domain name registration. Worldwide reach for a global audience; we make global domain registration easy and fast.

Existing domain consolidation

Reduce confusion by consolidating existing domains under a single account. By bringing them together, you’ll improve efficiency and get a better view of your domains, their registration status and more.

This is just a small example of what Sayadi Law can do to put you in total control of your domain names, as your exclusive intellectual property. Peace of mind, guaranteed.Peace of mind, guaranteed.

To learn more about our Domain Name services and how you or your business could benefit