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Patent Law Services

Patently good advice

Patent Law Services

Sayadi Law. Intelligent IP

Our modern patent law services include

Patent litigation

Swift, expert defence for you against claims of patent infringement, or fast and powerful support when implementing your patent against others. Our patent litigation services put you in control of your IP.

Design patents

From design patent applications and regulations, our expert patent lawyers will guide you through. Reliable, personal and professional advice for your ideas and designs.

Patent drafting

From initial patent data checks through to expert advice and guidance, our patent drafting service tailors and crafts the right patent for your commercial needs. Timely and cost-effective, we’ll ensure you get the benefit and value from your ideas.

Patent Office examinations

Our experienced patent law specialists know and understand the complexities of patent office examinations. From prosecutions and appeals through to re-examinations, we’re here for you.

Patent portfolio management

Stay confident and in control of your patents. From patent filing through to essential maintenance, we keep your patent portfolio strong, effective and secure.

This is just a small sample of our services. From the courts to the office, Sayadi Law can deliver for you.

To learn more about our Patent Law services and how you or your business could benefit