What is a Trademark and why do I need one?

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When you’ve got a big idea, you want it to flourish. You want it to grow and succeed. As you set up your business to promote and market it, you start to consider your brand. That’s where the fun begins. Getting your branding right starts with what you decide to call your business. Something that captures the spirit of what you are, what you do and how you do it. The same goes for your logo and accompanying designs, and the written content on your website and in brochures.

Register a Trademark for your product or company name

It can be very exciting to sit around a table and start firing branding ideas at one another with colleagues or friends. More often than not however, aspiring new businesses will often discover that the name or names that they choose for their brand, product or service have already been taken.

So, when you do come up with something original, you’ll want to make sure you can keep it for yourself. You’ll want to protect your rights to it. This is where trademarks come in.

Trademarks protect all kinds of things to do with branding, goods and services, and allow you to distinguish yours from those sold or marketed by others. This way, customers will know what your products or services are, and who they come from.

You can trademark names, logos, designs, words and symbols associated with your product. When you register a trademark, you’ll get the exclusive right to use it and prevent
others from using it. It also protects you so that others cannot use a similar mark, which might be confusing for consumers and could impact on future sales.

Once you have the rights to a particular mark, you then have the right to use ‘®’ to indicate that the trademark is yours. The symbol can only be used if you have the trademark registered legally; use of ® without registration is illegal.

How you register for and apply your trademark varies depending on which country or state you are based in. It might seem a daunting prospect at first, so finding the right kind of legal help for your business is vital.

At Sayadi Law, we’re global experts in Trademark Law, and can help you to navigate trademark registration. We’re a safe pair of guiding hands who work to make sure our clients always get the best deal when it comes to robust protection for your intellectual property and assets. If you have questions about trademark law and registering a trademark, then we’d be only too happy to speak to you.
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