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Sayadi Law is the answer when it comes to intellectual property law. We are a multi-national collaboration of sharp minds, innovation and specialised experience. From intellectual property law services including trademarks, patents, domains, monitoring and legal services, we put the client and their needs first every step of the way.

When it comes to intellectual property law, we utilise the latest tools and methodologies alongside proven practices and industry-driven common sense. We’re transparent in all that we do, making sure you’re always kept in the picture and that every query is properly and promptly answered, jargon-free. Our flexible approach ensures our strategies are the right fit for you, your business and your goals. That’s the same regardless of the size of your business or how far you are along your corporate journey.

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ROYA SAYADI – Founder and CEO


At Sayadi Law we noticed a worrying pattern among business owners out there. We saw that most of them didn´t have any protection for their intellectual property assets. And for those that did, it was clear that the protection was not in any way sufficient.

Why was this?
Well, many of these businesses had taken it upon themselves to set up the protection. These business owners likely viewed lawyers with suspicion or were unwilling to part with money they felt could be better spent elsewhere in their business. But by setting up protection themselves, they had all failed to cover everything properly, and some companies were even unaware that they were infringing upon the rights of other brands. 

The result? Financial loss, lawsuits and irreparable damage to their brand and reputation.

The reality is that if you’re not properly educated in intellectual property law, make a poor choice of law firm or try to register your brand yourself, these bad decisions will result in inadequate protection that is of no use to anyone. You will have to redo the whole process again, and spend more money.

This is where we can solve the problem.
We make sure you get the right protection. We’re an IP Law firm that can consult with you on how to protect your brand correctly and according to your future business needs, in a proactive way so that enables you to save money, get stronger protection and understand the process and the value of the services we provide.

We’re very serious about what we do, because we fully understand the severity of not doing things properly and the damage it can cause. 

Are we a perfect match for you and your business?

Our ideal clients fit the following criteria:
>> You recently started your own business and have a brand name/logo/slogan. You’re now ready for a consultation to register your intellectual property assets.

>> You’re about to launch a new business/product/service. Before spending time and money on marketing and branding, you need to search the market, databases, internet and domains to make sure you aren’t infringing on someone else’s brand.

>> You have one or several registered trademarks and your business is growing. You want to expand to new markets, and therefore need to conduct a clearance search in those countries. You need to register your existing brand/logo in those markets too.

>> You are a well-established business and have a trademark portfolio with hundreds or even thousands of registered trademarks. You need to optimize your portfolio to make sure you have solid protection for the assets you already have, and ensure you’re not wasting thousands of euros on inadequate registrations gathering dust on the shelf.

>> You are driven by strategy and a PROACTIVE approach. You’re committed to investing in your business, and you understand the ROI associated with doing so.

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