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Our Intellectual Property Law Services

Our fresh approach, Our unbeatable experience

Local. Global. Our intellectual property law clients range from SMEs up to multi-national corporations, and our flexible tailor-made strategies are the perfect fit for a wide spectrum of industries.

Our services are delivered by a team of experienced innovators. We know the business landscape from top to bottom, so whatever size your business or brand, we can provide a truly tailored service. That’s the same whether you’re a rapidly expanding manufacturer of appliances, an exclusive menswear brand or an experienced performer in the world of entertainment, art or sport; no matter who you are or where you are, we can help protect your assets.



The name of the game

Getting the name of your company right is crucial. You want something that conjures the right image, that evokes something within your potential customers.

But there’s far more to it than that. That’s why we’re here, to help you navigate trademark regulations and ensure you get the exclusive rights to your brand or business name.

Patent Law Services

Patently good advice

Ideas are powerful. Ideas bring about change and improvement. Ideas are meant to be shared, but never stolen.

To protect your idea so that it can grow and flourish, you need the right patent law specialists by your side. We’re here for you. Our strategies are flexible, our service second to none.


Domain Name Services

Securing your brand online

The world changes fast. The internet changes faster still. It can seem a daunting task to stay on top, to keep your business and branding secure online.

Sayadi Law combine high-level experience and modern, evolving strategies to settle all worry and doubt. We can recommend the best course of action in any domain name dispute, and successfully monitor and maintain your portfolio at all times.

Legal Services

The right team and strategies for your needs

It’s vital that you can trust and rely on your legal representatives in times of need. At Sayadi Law, we’re specialists when it comes to Intellectual Property Law, and the range of services we offer is every bit as extensive and diverse as our client portfolio.


Trademark Monitoring/Watch Services

Keeping a close eye on your intellectual property

Forewarned is forearmed, and with Sayadi Law’s cutting-edge domain and trademark monitoring services, you’re always several steps ahead of your competitors. You’re always fully in control and fully informed, with instant notifications of any potential trademark or domain infringements. This applies to apps too, with our mobile app watching service.

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